About Live The Times,


We create the best available smart phone applications for android powered devices. Our products are available on the Google Play app store for download. We are highly competitive on Google Play as a contributor of quality and cutting edge applications. We have been profiled on news networks such as MarketWatch, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Boston Globe, FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS. Our outlook is to provide a positive experience with the use of mobile technology.

Our Android Wear smartwatch apps are best in class.  There are many watch faces of distinct stylizations to choose from.  Each has its own appeal to bring personalization to a smartwatch.  Our line of free watch faces such as Electric Energy and Animated flames boasts the most cutting edge algorithms to bring HD animation to Android Wear smartwatches.  Refined watch faces such as Courser and Executive Gold bring prestige and heritage to the Android Wear watch face market with complications and features reminiscent of classic watches.  There are many varied watch faces to choose from and the collection is ever growing.


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