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Find useful and easy to use apps for your Android device.

Android Apps

Download these useful and interesting android apps for free.  Just tap on the file and choose open in your browser.  Then the app will install.  Try them out!


Record notes and calendar events with Note and Calendar. This note taking and calendar app is simple and easy to use. Simply take a note or use the calendar to schedule an event and write calendar notes in this app. You can set a reminder for a note by long pressing a note when saved. The reminder in this app function is simple yet powerful, giving you many options to remind yourself of your notes when you need to remember them. This notepad app allows you to sort a large amount of notes to quickly find what you recorded. The notes can be color coded to optimize organization. For example, an important schedule or event can be in red. Protect your notes with password protection. You are sure to find many uses with Note and Calendar. Download this great easy to use and simple notepad app today!

• Simple note taking with Note and Calendar App

• Complete calendar with event scheduling in this app

• Color coded notes for organization

• share notes by email or social media

• Sort notes by color, time or alphabetically

• Lock a note to prevent modification from the app

• Deleted notes are sent to a trash bin just in case of a need for retrieval in the app

• Set a reminder to remind you about the note

• Email the note to someone directly from within Note and Calendar App

• notes can be password protected

• Events are indicated on the calendar for easy reference

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This scientific calculator has all the functions you would want. It also boasts the shiny gold you would want out of a golden calculator. It is sure to please your eyes as you execute calculations. It can also be used as a standard calculator for your daily needs.

• gold theme

• scientific functions

• standard calculator functions

• memory slots

• history

• constants


Hone you mental math skills with this easy to use app. 50,000 questions available! Use this app to answer a series of questions over several categories. You can assess your mental math ability and growth by reviewing your performance. Challenge your friends to beat your mental math score! Using this app is guaranteed to sharpen you mental math, improve your brain power and strengthen your memory. It's educational and fun. Try Mental Math Trainer today!

• 50,000 questions


• various question types


• track performance


• train mental math ability

• fun and casual


Do you want to quit smoking?  Try this app to track your stats from the day you quit and never look back.  If you do, you can return to this app to remind you about what you have achieved since you quit completely.  The app includes statistics, milestones and awards to bring significance to when you quit.  Try it out!

• Helps to quit smoking

• Statistics from when you quit like money saved

• Milestones and statistics about your improvements such as reduction of cancer

• Awards and achievements to give you acknowledgement about your success!

• Get started today; its free!