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livethetimes.com Using New Native Shopping Ad from Amazon.com

Updated: May 11

Smartwatches and smartphones are being sold at Osthoro.com using native shopping ads from the Amazon.com product referral program.

Amazon.com has released a native shopping ad format for websites to use. The ad displays multiple product listings from approved referrals. The ad also contains a search function to allow users to look up any product listing right from the hosting site. Amazon.com is offering referral rates of 4.00% to start and can go up to as high as 8.50%. The products listed are selected from sellers who agree to the referral program and have sufficient standards to be advertised by Amazon Associates. It is one of the most strategic CPA bidding strategies on the web today. There are many possibilities for the benefits of placing this ad format on a website. The versatility of this new ad format helps Osthoro.com do business.

osthoro.com is a site offering watch faces for android smartwatches. The site now features the native shopping ad offered by Amazon.com. For Osthoro.com, the new ad is integral. Osthoro.com uses this ad to sell the latest smartwatches and smartphones along side the collection watch faces available. The products listed are hand picked for the highest quality at the lowest cost available at Amazon.com. This makes Osthoro.com a complete package for buying a smartwatch as opposed to a simple watch face outlet. Each watch face has been updated for the upcoming holiday season. The quality of some of the watch faces have greatly improved and are worthy of note.

Electric Energy has received the long awaited 24 hour mode. The quality of the animation has been greatly refined and boasts some of the most spectacular and smooth graphics on the play store.

Kratos Warrior watch face is new to the arena. It is the perfect choice for someone looking for a watch face with a more powerful look. The colors are customizable right on the wearable using a nifty settings menu.

Proto and Cyber are two fan favourites. The two represent mock imaginations of utopian and dystopian futures respectively. Proto has received a complete graphical overhaul. Cyber has been refined. They both stand out as impressive technological styles for a smartwatch.