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Wearable Watch Apps Let Customers Change Their Look Without Changing Their Watch

Updated: May 11

Now you can relax in front of a beautiful fire anywhere: that’s because wearable App company Osthoro recently added to its growing library of stunningly stylish and captivating wallpaper, with its “Animated Flames Watch Face.” This App displays mesmerizing, high resolution flames that dance in the background at variable speeds. With over 8,000 downloads from the Play store in record time, this Android wear is sure to impress the most discerning users.

When asked about the inspiration for his collection, Imtiaz Ahmed, CEO of Osthoro said, “Each watch face has it's purpose in an ever growing spectrum of character and appeal.”

Osthoro, which has been profiled by high profile networks such as Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS, has many other must-see watch faces: Electric Energy, Executive Navigator, Executive Gold, Cyber, Animated Waterfall. They are available for most round & square smartwatches including: Sony smartwatch, Moto 360, Asus zenwatch, LG watch, Huawei Watch and more.

Some may find it hard to believe that a simple watch App could bring so much joy, as evidenced by this common user sentiment: “Love it! Never gets old, looking at the time with this watch face.”

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