Android Wear smartwatches get a hightened fashion sense with a full range of watch bands

Updated: Apr 5

Osthoro has always been about stylizing your smartwatch. Our unique watch faces match various different styles that you can choose and customize. This trend for fashion and style seems to be catching on to the mainstream for Android Wear smartwatches.

Now, instead of only being able to customize your watch face, you can customize your smartwatch wrist band as well. Aside from the first generation Moto 360, most Android Wear smartwatches have watch bands that are interchangeable. These watch bands are called Android Wear Mode, implying different modes for your smartwatch. The bands are designed for ease of use and can be exchanged quite easily by snapping them on and off. Several bands are available and the variety is ever-growing.

What does this mean if you download one of our watch faces? It means you can now have more control of your smartwatch style. The Osthoro line of watch faces go quite well with android mode.

One example is Beach party watch face going well with a light leather strap, giving it a tastefully fun look. The color of the leather compliments the watch face and was the original vision behind the design of Beac

h Party watch face. The app really stands out with this interchangeable smartwatch band.

Another example of just what Android Wear mode has to offer is the appeal of a band with Executive Diamond watch face. This watch face boasts the rich luster of diamonds upon a serving of gold. The appearance of the watch face, with its enhanced shimmer effect, goes well with a white leather strap. The strap sets the stage for a beautiful style that many women adore: white and gold accessories. With the white leather strap, you can change your basic watch into a wonderful and appealing accessory.

There are many more combinations possible with these new bands, and we will be looking closely at the new releases to grow our ever-expanding series of stylized watch faces. Be sure to check out the watch faces we have now to see what you can do with your smartwatch, the accessory of the new age.

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