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Productivity App Note and Calendar Makes Sorting, Sharing and Scheduling Easy for Everyone

Updated: 6 days ago

App stores are full of productivity apps, but it is hard to find simple yet super efficient offerings that everyone can use. Note and Calendar has been recently updated to version 1.2 which is one of the easiest note apps available on Android today.

Note and Calendar app doubles up as a simple note taker with reminder utility for notes entered, as well as a calendar to which notes can be added. The reminder utility can be set for a specific date and time, or for the required duration. Important notes can be pinned to the status space of the phone, and the calendar can be used to schedule notes and events. To make it easier to find and sort notes, a palette of colors is available to choose the color of the note. Notes can thus be color coded to show urgency, timeliness or nature of content, such as personal or office work.

The app will be liked by people who need to take field notes or jot down many details as part of a single note. It will also assist as each note provides a title and lined spaces to fill up as many details as one wants to. The note carries the time stamp of creation, and a simple long press can be used to set a reminder. Some additional features include locking of notes, password protection, sharing notes on social media and via email, and search and sort by color, time or alphabetically.

The app developer, Osthoro, is known for creating smart phone apps for android devices, especially smart watch faces, and has been featured on media channels such as MarketWatch, Bloomberg Business Week, Boston Globe, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS.