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Courser Watch Face gets a big update on Wear OS Smartwatches

Courser Watch Face

The stylization of Courser Watch Face is that of a classic aesthetic. The watch face for Wear OS smartwatches contains smooth hour and minute hands along with the seconds. The hands are positioned as a classic Swiss watch would be. Further, the watch face has a classic analog stopwatch that counts seconds, minutes, and twenty minutes on its dials. The bezels on the outer rim of the screen are the staple of the watch face. They are adjustable by tap to add functionality to the smartwatch. If there are no bezels on your smartwatch, you now have four with this watch face. Each bezel functions as it would on a classic Swiss watch.

As refined as courser is, the time to take it a step further has come. The watch face now displays an "M" icon near the top right. When tapped, a whole new digital panel is displayed. The analog components disappear and the digital time is displayed. The seconds and before and after midday indicators appear to the right of the time, which can be displayed in 12 and 24 hour modes. To the left is the watch battery level. Beneath the time is the interesting bit. The same stopwatch time allocation and tap commands that worked with the analog stopwatch are now associated with a digital stopwatch display. It ranges all the way from milliseconds to days.

A complication has been added that accepts a variety of complication sources. You may set it to displays such as the weather, a world clock, distance walked, etc. The bottom panel can switch between the stopwatch and the complication via the settings menu.

The digital panel and the M icon can be customized to give it any color out of millions of options. For example, you can now have a white background with black text on the digital panel.

This watch face is certainly one of our best, and the new additions make the watch face even better. If you are thinking about a custom watch face for your Wear OS smartwatch, then look no further than Courser Classic Watch Face. It is sure to leave you satisfied for quite some time.

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