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4 ways to motivate your work team

Updated: 6 days ago

Today we are going to talk about a critical issue in the times we live in and for any business, and it is to improve and motivate teamwork. Let's not lose sight that marketing requires teamwork, and it is as important to do strategies well as to work coordinated and motivated. With the situation that we have experienced in recent months and the accelerated digitization of companies, a large part of the small, medium, and large companies must resort to teleworking.


Note that one part may be to promote gamification. Large companies have gamified processes, but gamification is how you can apply game situations with your employees, collaborators, and work team. And this, as soon as everything starts to become a little more flexible, we will start to see it more often.

For example, the typical game dynamics that a team leaves, because every three months to play in an escape room, or to do different types of face-to-face dynamics, is acceptable for a small company.

It is important to do it from to time. When, even maybe once a year, when possible, and when the context allows it, but whenever we can apply the game to all this, we must do it, in the end, we all like to play, when you are a child you spend a lot of time playing, and we lose it as we get older.


We must bet on a workflow dynamic. What is this in teleworking? Most companies have had to adapt their processes and introduce digital tools, digital collaboration tools, digital teamwork tools, task management tools, in short, many types of tools, and this because when you find it overnight if you are not used to working with it, it generates strong friction, a feeling that you do not master what you previously mastered.

It can generate some frustration in which we have to help.

Encourage Learning

Third, promote learning, which is something that for me is fundamental in the team, that is, it fosters the culture of learning in your team, help them learn from whatever they want, because in the end, if you have a better-trained team.

This team is up to date with the news; you will have a more productive team that offers better results.

Power the internal talent

You must detect in your collaborators, in your team, what they are good at and what they are not good at. This happens to all of us the same, you must know yourself and say, "Hey, I know I'm good at this, and I'm not good at this," well, in your team you should do the same, because maybe Initially they have been assigned some tasks that they are doing.

Still, maybe they are not the best at it because they do not have the skills or do not like it, then it is vital to know how to detect that also to pivot.

In the end, success, or failure of a business, a marketing campaign will depend on how we can interconnect with people. Therefore, these four Techniques to help you motivate your team in teleworking are essential, and we must start applying them not tomorrow but today.