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Free ways to download Android Apps on your device

Updated: 6 days ago

Those who own a portable device with the Android operating system are fortunate because they have many applications of all kinds available to install on the internet.

There are tens of thousands of useful applications, tools, and games, most of them are free. They can be installed online or offline without the connection and downloading the applications in APK format with another computer or device.

In this article, we share the main internet sites and services to explore, search, install or download these applications.

The Play Store or Google App Store

The Google Play Store, also known as Google Play, is the main, most popular, and important site to directly search and install Android applications.

We can use the service in two ways: accessing Google Play with the web browser or the Play Store application, which is included in almost all devices.

Using the Play Store application on the mobile, we will obtain various apps that may interest us.

Alternatives to the Google Play Store


Aptoide is an Android Store or application store for Android, with hundreds of thousands of them available. Applications can be downloaded from the portal by accessing the service with the browser or installing the Aptoide application.

We can explore the ones suggested by the service grouped in different categories from the main panel or browse the Community panels, the available Stores, and Updates.


Mobogenie is a popular repository where thousands of Android apps are stored.

The service can be accessed directly with the web browser and by exploring the available apps organized into the following categories: Top Apps, Top Game, Top Music, Top Wallpaper, and Top Book.

You can also download the APK to install the mobile application on the cell phone or an installer for Windows. The Windows application makes it easy to download the apps and install them directly on the cell phone via USB.


UpToDown is one of the most popular internet software download portals for different operating systems.

From the section dedicated to Android, you can download thousands of applications, grouped into different categories: Latest, Top downloads, Games, Communication, Tools, Multimedia, Lifestyle, and Productivity.


APKPure is one of the largest portals with Android apps on the internet. As with other portals, you can explore the site with your web browser or install the APKPure For Android application on your portable device, which facilitates the entire process.

The apps can be found by searching on the site or browsing the most popular ones.


It follows in the wake of APKMirror, but LivetheTimes is popular and has an exciting variant: it is a catalog of applications, yes, but fundamentally of free applications, with which there is a wide range of tools and utilities for your Android terminal without having to depend on large companies or eminently private and profitable companies. Also, you can download it and have it on your phone.

Recommendations before downloading software

  • Do not download many applications that you are not going to use; try to find only the ones you need

  • For the installation of computer software and APKs, it is necessary to have a safe antivirus to avoid any risk

  • Do not download files that are light (less than 100 KB)