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How can we increase Work Productivity with Android apps?

Updated: 6 days ago

Are you constantly distracted from work? No wonder because the number of distractions keeps growing. Time management can be a solution, but it is also not easy to implement for everyone. However, with this problem, the number of productivity apps and programs that help you focus on the tasks at hand has increased. Not every tool offers you added value. In this article, we introduce you to some productivity apps we have been using ourselves for years and with which we have had a good experience. Perhaps from the below list, there is a suitable app for you that will help you to increase your productivity.

The Best Productivity Apps

Of course, you don't have to work with apps to increase your productivity. But these Android apps give you a boost to control your schedules and increase your productivity level.


As I write these lines, I am listening to my brain.fm music app through my headphones. But not just any music but stimulating sounds for the brain to focus on its work, meditate, or sleep. With the help of scientists, the team has created hundreds of pieces of music for different purposes.

Note and Calendar

Evernote is a very comprehensive online app that you can use to collect and organize notes, ideas, or documents. You can also use it to create a check and to-do lists. So, you can concentrate on the essential things with just one app.


Lastpass is not a productivity app because it is a password manager. But a very practical one, because with the increasing number of accounts on the Internet, there is often the risk that they will be hacked at some point. Mainly if you always use the same password.


When looking for a simple tool to get the job done, various offers will overwhelm you. It isn't easy to pick the raisins. A simple program with to-do lists and many other functions is Todoist. There is a browser and an app version. The free version is sufficient here.


Over 33,000 people on their smartphones currently install the Forest app. It prevents you from being distracted by your phone while you work. How does this work? For example, a 30-minute working time can be set. During this time, a tree will grow on your phone.


Focus is an app that lets you work more productively and with greater concentration. The app is ideal for people who must concentrate on writing something, work in a noisy environment, or just want to think in a relaxed manner.


The Good Reader program is an all-rounder. It can open and edit a wide variety of documents. Different tools can be used to mark, draw, and write something in a document. The highlight: You can insert signatures quickly and easily. This means that you can fill out forms while on the go and use a long train journey more productively.


Doodle is currently used by 5,000+ people who didn't feel like having endless discussions about making appointments because the app can be used to quickly and easily create a survey that is sent to all participants.


With the 8 apps we have discuused, we have now shown you a wide range of ways to increase your effectiveness. All you must do is use them regularly to take advantage of the apps. This is by far the most significant hurdle because many people use it for a few weeks and then forget about it. Hold on, because only with regular use will you recognize the added value and be rewarded by more productive work!