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How do I improve my math skills with an app?

Updated: 6 days ago

For many, the subject of Mathematics is one of the most difficult to understand. Math may not be for everyone, but it is one of the essential skills that you cannot do without these days. If you have kids and trying to teach them math concepts, there is no better way than using math games. Here are the best math games for Android that you can use to help to improve your math skills and have fun on this critical topic.

Math Tricks

Math Tricks took a different route: Gamification. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to choose a theme. Then you start with the game. There are different options like single-player, multiplayer, and training mode. Most users chose a player and a minute challenge.

Depending on your preference, you will be presented with mathematical problems that you will need to solve. You get points for each correct answer, and the one with the highest points wins.

The King of Math

The King of Math is a simple game in which different types of operations and four possible answers will be presented to us so that we must hit as many of them as possible in the least amount of time we can.

Math vs Zombies

The title of this game is quite descriptive, and in it, we will have to face a zombie invasion using our mathematical knowledge as the only weapon. The enemies will arrive, and each will have an operation on his head; we will have to solve them all before they finish us off.

Medieval Math Battle

We return with another excellent game that will delight the little ones in the house. It is a turn-based battle game in which we will have to answer the mathematical questions that appear to us correctly to defend ourselves from a wide range of enemies. The problems will increase in difficulty as we improve our level.

Math puzzles

Math Puzzles Boost your IQ through logical puzzles that you can play to challenge yourself at different levels from 1 to 100. Each level is equipped with an IQ test to push the boundaries of the mind through math and thinking games. Suitable for both children and adults, while it offers logical puzzles that help a child's brain make new connections between brain cells.


Photomath is an app with which you can do your math homework together or even prepare for the next exam because the app helps with a lot of math problems by showing the solution and the calculation method and all this only through the camera on the smartphone.

Mental Math Trainer

Mental Math Trainer is a life-changing app with over 50000 questions covering most of the areas of mathematics. You can track your performance and try to complete questions as quick as possible. This leads to better mental speed and more advanced thinking. When you get the correct answers, they will move to a higher level that offers math problems with more incredible difficulty.

Math Games

This math games app is designed for everyone, from kids to adults. It helps train the brain and increase brain performance with games that range from straightforward multiplication and division to addition and subtraction.


Whether you want to improve your brain's capabilities or prevent further deterioration, these apps will come in handy. Do you use any mental training app on your Android device? Which ones do you like the most? Please share with us in the comments.