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How to use Android apps for entertainment?

Updated: 6 days ago

Entertainment applications for mobile phones represent fun, enjoyment, and healthy distraction for users. They are programs that you have at your fingertips, on your smartphone, that help you pass the time and are even magnificent support to cope with the burdens of daily life.

Today almost all devices have large, high-resolution screens. We can say that current mobiles are prepared to enjoy the latest multimedia technologies like never, which range from watching television, movies, series, listening to music, playing games, reading, or listening to books, watching videos, watching sports, taking photographs, creating and edit videos, listen to the radio and many more options.

Types of Multimedia Applications

  • Applications to Watch TV Online: Some apps can watch Tv online with or without subscribing.

  • Voice Change Apps: If you want to have a good time making phone calls with a distorted voice to friends or family, these are the types of apps you should install.

  • Drawing and Painting Applications: Some apps facilitate users to draw, illustrate or paint at a professional or amateur level using their electronic device.

  • Applications to Watch TV Series: Thanks to streaming, we can watch TV series and movies online by installing an application on our mobile phones.

  • Apps to download free music - Many people still prefer to download music to their mobile phone and then listen to it without being connected to the internet, leaving aside the options of listening to music online.

  • Apps to play exciting games: There are different types of games introduced as mobile app to make the user's free time enjoyable.


As we have seen throughout the year, the available Android applications are almost endless. From those that set trends in Google Play to the not-so-well-known and outside the Play Store, but equally valuable. You can try the 4 apps that we discussed above during your free time and feel the difference.