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Most Useful Apps for Android in Your Daily Life

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Technology can make many of your daily tasks much easier to do or even automate them.

Nowadays, everyone has a Smartphone! We spend an average of five hours a day connected to the internet. Life has been easier thanks to mobile applications.

With the likes of apps that promote productivity and performance, games and even those that monitor the activities of our body have become a part of our life.

Here is so much variety that selecting a handful is difficult. Still, we have dared, and here we present you.


Surely you have ever had to leave an article that you read on your mobile in half. With these apps, you can save those texts to read them later, even offline. In addition, you can label them, have them organized, and adapt them to the screen of the device where we are using the application.


An application that allows you to keep track of your expenses in a very visual and intuitive way. Statistics and information are generated that you can use to see the evolution during a week or month, knowing what you spend more on and whether you can reduce that expense, etc.


This app is similar to Spendee, but everything is done automatically if you forget to enter your expenses. Reading mode is used to access your account movements and helps you improve your finances, being compatible with an important list of banks.


With this free application, you can find recipes adapted to the products you have. This way, you don't waste time thinking, 'What am I eating?' You must add all the products in the kitchen to the list, and the application provides you with the recipe to prepare. The app provides recipes to vegetarians and non-vegetarians as well.

Dropbox/Google Drive

This is an important app to have to back up your important data. Especially while you travel, you don't take any physical storage devices. You can simply backup your data to the cloud and use it from anywhere in the world.

Google Keep

When you want to order your lists, notes, alarms, photographs, texts, voice, etc., you use Google Keep to store them for later use. It acts as cloud storage, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Sites, etc., and can easily access through mobile.


This application is ideal for you if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. The Sleepcycle helps you wake up a little less harshly by tracking your sleep patterns, waking you up at the right time, so you feel more rested. It doesn't work miracles, but it will awaken something better.


With this free application, you can learn English, French, Italian, German, and others. It has several levels of learning in which it alternates exercises of speaking, listening, translating, etc. During the development of each level of learning, you will be evaluated in reading, pronunciation, and writing of any language you have selected. Duolingo is like a game rather than a simple online language course.


Living as a family, as a couple, or sharing a flat means taking on everyday tasks. This app is handy to avoid keeping track of what is missing at home and the part that you must clean or tidy up. With it, all members can write down the basic products of the house that are missing or write down the activities to know where each one is. This app would be equivalent to the typical calendar and notices left on the fridge stuck with magnets.