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Replace any scientific calculator with an Android app

Updated: 6 days ago

There are numerous jokes and memes on the internet related to mathematics and how they get complicated when we stop using only numbers and strange letters and symbols start to appear. Fortunately, for years we have had the help of scientific calculators to perform operations in seconds that would surely take several minutes. Smartphones allow simple operations like any other computer, but they cannot provide solutions to complex solutions without the need for a third-party app.

We recently discovered that Android has a couple of powerful apps for solving complex math problems. I wish I had known any of these apps a few years ago when I struggled to pass Calculus and Statistics in college. I am referring to Fraction Calculator and Gold Scientific Calculator, two free apps for Android that promise to leave the classic scientific calculators of a lifetime in the water.

Gold Scientific Calculator

Gold Scientific Calculator is one of the most recommended applications and is characterized by offering its users many functions when using it. It puts all the necessary functions at your disposal to solve any problem or mathematical operation from a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The gold theme brings a new aspect to the scientific calculator apps where the design is done considering the usability of the users. For easy reference, you can access the history to find out the calculations you did and use pre-defined constants for calculations when necessary.

Final Thoughts

At present, with the help of mobile applications, we can turn our mobile phone into a complete scientific calculator to use in class and solve our mathematical problems easily. Normally we can find generic calculators in almost any bookstore, stationery, or store selling school products. Still, we can save that money if we have a smartphone in our pocket with any of the apps mentioned above.

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