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The Chamber of Anubis Wear OS watch face expands

Chamber of Anubis watch face has been expanded! Researchers have discovered an added element to the mysterious ancient Egyptian chamber. When the center puzzle is tapped, then the chamber come to life as if to shift between day and night!

The new colors are mesmerizing and are pleasing to the eye.

There is much to see about this new "tap" feature. As the center is tapped, the headdress quickly rotates about the panel. The color of the headdress changes from black and gold with red rubies to blue and gold with diamonds. The rotating ticking piece near the center has a ruby that changes to a diamond. The emanation of the chamber changes to a mysterious white light with a hint of blue. As the emanation proceeds, it seems to shift back and for between the new white and its original state.

When tapping the center again, the chamber shifts back to a black and red color scheme. Perhaps this color scheme were meant for night, to go with the available darkness of the night sky. The white and blue color scheme seems to enhance its own visibility during the day.

Certainly, the Chamber of Anubis is a mystery. It has only been reproduced in this form on a watch face for Wear OS smartwatch wearables. The technology residing within the smartwatches may one day uncover the true secret to this ancient Egyptian relic.

The new Chamber of Anubis watch face awaits for you to begin your journey. You may download it for Wear OS smartwatches from the Google Play store on either your phone or watch.