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The powers to undertake successfully in Digital Marketing

Updated: 6 days ago

We think that each profession has its own flavor and in the case of marketers, we must meet certain requirements, obtain certain superpowers to really be a good marketeer. In this article, we elaborate on few powers you should possess as a Digital Marketer.

  • High degree of curiosity

Someone who is dedicated to the world of marketing must have a lot of curiosity. The best marketing professionals I know fulfill these superpowers that I’m going to tell you, and curiosity is one of them.

An example of curiosity is things like when you are at an event. When you ask if someone has any questions, no one answers, no one asks, and many times because of the thought of believing that what you are going to ask is fundamental and having if people are going to think that I am stupid or they are going to laugh at me, and that is a feeling that indeed most of us have had at some time.

But the curious person does not stay with that doubt, does not want to be left without that knowledge. Therefore, he/she raises the hand and asks the question, and then curiously, more people had the same doubt but did not dare to ask the question. ask in public.

  • Be creative

You must look for the different side, the parallel side of things, and use that lateral thinking.

We must practice creativity because we are all creative by nature. Others, because of their context, their reality, have worked less in this aspect, but we all have creativity. We are born with it. Still, as we grow, the system makes that creativity stagnate, and like everything else, if we don't practice, if we don't work on it, we can't move forward.

We have to find how to get that creativity out, discover when it comes out, what are those activators, meditating, going for a run, listening to music, reading a book, each one comes up differently, you have to find yours, with your inspiration. Each person has our best moments, but creativity helps you find solutions to problems in a different way from the rest.

  • Understand trends

We need to understand emerging trends; marketing works with trends, some trends are more frugal, that is, they appear and go quickly, and some remain long-term in time. Still, trends are significant, for that reason and aligned with curiosity; a good marketer has You always have to be informed of what is happening, because the way to obtain the best results for your company or your clients is by applying these latest trends.

  • Open-minded and adaptable to change

Being open-minded and adaptable to change is very important, first, so as not to put mental limits on ourselves, thinking, for example, that something is not going to work is a limiting belief, because whether something works or not, work must be said by the data, and Being adaptable is because obviously, marketing is based on trial and error in different experiments. There will be experiments that work and experiments that do not work, but we need to adapt quickly to how they work.

In any context, this adaptation to change is critical to survival, Darwin already said; not the most intelligent species survive, nor the strongest, but the one that best adapts to change.

  • Marketing and sales aligned

And the last, and super important, is not to lose sight of sales. A good marketer is aware that the objective of his work must be aligned with sales, bring an economic return to the company, in whatever modality, with whatever objective, but marketing and sales must go hand in hand; they must be aligned.

I still see companies; the marketing and sales departments are separated, and I hear the marketing people saying, "well, sales are not my thing," and vice versa.

Once you answer this question, you may have already started a business as a marketer or are considering doing it to help you.