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Tips for growing your business on the Internet

Updated: 6 days ago

Normal people, like you and me, with small and medium-sized businesses, have achieved incredible results thanks to laying good foundations and making the right strategies, getting to multiply their sales and profits. This is something that most companies fail, and what they believe is important to lay the foundations of their business due to ignorance, it turns out that what they are doing is starting the house with the roof.

Although it may surprise you, the basis of a business is not to have a beautiful social network, have many followers, or have an attractive website. It's all about the mindset and the strategy.

Things you should remember

  • Having a business and not having sales is like having a high-end sports car without gasoline.

  • It would help if you had a profitable business managed with the right tools.

The best way in 2021 to launch or scale your online business

To begin with, constantly analyze your market on the Internet to find who is your ideal customer, and keep in mind what your competitors are doing.

Convert your website into your commercial 24/7; your website must be prepared to sell or get customers even if you are sleeping.

Invest in contact management tools. Having a CRM from the beginning is essential.

Design cycles of digital marketing plans of 8 to 12 weeks maximum, at speed, that everything evolves and changes, it does not make sense to make plans of longer duration; with shorter plans, you can analyze, pivot, and improve as you go.

Tools that will allow you to manage your business without stress and in an organized way

  1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a powerful tool designed for local businesses. Still, you should also use it and take advantage of its potential even if you don't have a physical business.

It allows you to customize your company file, it is a very practical and easy to manage the platform, it offers top quality options to show your products or services, it allows you to know the positioning of your company and improve its presence on the Internet, and best of all, that it is free.

  1. Use automation

Automating processes is going to save you a great deal of time, and time is money.

HubSpot is a tool that will allow you to automate everything, with marketing, sales, and customer management tools, from your email marketing, funnels, etc. In short, it is a powerful CRM, one of the most powerful automation tools that exist, and yes, it has a free version with which to start, and as you need and grow, progress in more advanced options, redundancy, and payment.

3. Task and Note manager

A task and note manager are a tool used to organize, order, and keep track of tasks, projects, and activities within a business or project.

There are many task managers, among the best known and used. You can use Kanban, Flow, Trello, or Google Task; any of them will help you organize your work more efficiently.


An online business is an excellent opportunity to work freely and generate high income, if you follow the strategies, tools, and established roadmap.

It is possible to work less doing what you like, and that your business generates profits.