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What Android Calendar Apps improve your productivity?

Updated: 6 days ago

The correct calendar app will allow you to make proper plans, schedule events, and bring reminders. The calendar application occupies an important place in all gadgets such as smartphones and PCs. It plays a vital role for almost everyone in planning the day, the entire week, and even the months. Dealing with the calendar seems to be easy for many, but it is not.

The Google Play Store is flooded with a countless number of calendar apps. Some are free, simpler, some seem feature-rich, expensive, while a few are distracting and a waste of money. Therefore, it is difficult for anyone to try all of them and choose the best calendar app for Android. After many reviews, we have come up with the best calendar apps worth using from Android device to improve your productivity. Here is our recommended list.

Recommended Calendar apps for Android

A calendar app will change your life completely, and it will help you create your online business or organize your projects and daily activities.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is available for all versions of iOS and Android. It is perfect for scheduling appointments and being in contact with people who are anywhere, since it allows you to synchronize it with your Gmail contacts so that you can invite them to events or online meetings with video links, coordinating the different calendars, to know the activities of your employees or customers.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar doesn't have many advanced features, but it does have enough for most users. It comprises four views to view the appointments and tasks you have: daily, weekly, monthly and agenda view. The views are the same as those we can see in the other applications on the market. Available for all types of Android mobile devices.

Note and Calendar

Note and Calendar is an all-in-one calendar and note application that allows you to schedule, manage, and keep track of your appointments, meetings, events, and other important dates. Apart from that, you can take down notes and save them for later. Due to the color scheme, you can sort the important events and notes in one color and prioritize them so that you won’t miss any of them. With password protection, you can limit any external user accessing your sensitive information.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is the easiest way to use the To-Do List app on Android. Using the application is super intuitive, more than any other to-do application, don't waste any more time making lists. It contains a realistic pen and paper sound effect, and you can password lock it if you want to keep it for your privacy. You can choose the automatic sort mode.


As you have seen, there are many applications to manage your schedule and calendar through an app. Each of them offers different characteristics to improve day-to-day productivity in your work or personal life. You must be clear about what your objectives are and that you will be consistent with each of the tasks. Remember that the app will help you, but you will not improve if you are not constant.