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Android Wear OS smartwatches are the future of wearable mobile devices.  The functionality they provide is unparalleled to any other smartwatch brand.  There are many uses such as answering calls, or tracking heart rates, steps and other fitness information.  Notifications are sent to the watch for ease of use.  Google Now provides weather data, news and other information generated based on your recent activity, all on the go.

Full customization is possible with Android Wear OS watch faces.  Our watch faces deliver an excellent appearance for the standard display of your smartwatch.  There are a large variety of watch faces to choose from.  Each watch face has a style and aesthetic that is unique and greatly immerses you with your mobile smartwatch.  Every watch face boasts a unique character that is unmatched for its type.  The watch faces deliver these qualities with a form that adds a wonderful experience to your device.  Your smartwatch will impress your friends with a watch face from Live The Times.  Our watch faces are perfect introductions to the smartwatch experience.

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The wonders of the Chamber of Anubis await in this adventurous watch face.  Discover the mysteries within!